By Staff

LEOMINSTER (CBS) – A fire at Leominster High School earlier this month was caused by a sky lantern, according to the state fire marshal.

Firefighters were called to the school just after 10 p.m. on April 13 for a fire on the roof. It was quickly put out and school went on as scheduled the next day.

In a statement Monday, State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey said the fire was an accident, but he said it’s a reminder that sky lanterns aren’t allowed in Massachusetts.

“Once a sky lantern is lit and airborne, there’s no controlling where it might land or what it might set on fire,” Ostroskey said. “For safety’s sake, please don’t use them, and call us if you see them offered for sale.”

“Incidents like this one are a perfect example of why sky lanterns are dangerous,” said Leominster Fire Chief Robert Sideleau. “An open flame floating uncontrolled and out of reach can have devastating consequences for people and property. Under different circumstances, this could have been a life-threatening fire.” Staff