By Rachel Holt

BOSTON (CBS) — Friday was a day that Red Sox fans and nearby vendors have been waiting for: the home opener at Fenway.

Before the game, WBZ-TV talked to fans, who were both starting and carrying on traditions.

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“This is going to be his first home opener. This is Griffin, he’s so excited to be here, right,” said Derek Haimaidi of Abington.

“Just Jackie Robinson Day and watching the Red Sox play and hopefully someone hits it over the Green Monster,” said Red Sox fan Ryan Bailey.

Others were excited to carry on tradition.

“This is maybe our 10th Opening Day. And I’ve been to maybe 40 of the last 45,” said Ryan Schumacher of Taunton.

Ryan’s son, Sam, added, “It’s really cool. It’s been awesome to keep doing it with my dad.”

Pat Rossetti of Weymouth tells WBZ-TV this is his 50th Opening Day.

“It’s crazy. More than any other game, other than a playoff game. Great energy. And people are excited because it’s the first day of Spring,” said Rossetti.

Mike Columbare got in line for tickets at 9 p.m. Thursday night to make sure it’s a game he wouldn’t miss.

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“I’m looking forward to getting back in the park. This is my 21st year in a row camping out for Opening Day and it’s just, this is what we do every year. This is our Christmas,” said Columbare.

This is the first full capacity opening day at Fenway in two years, and fans were very clearly excited to be in attendance. And so were vendors.

For Bob Kaitz of Coast to Coast Sausages, it’s a long but fruitful day.

“We’ve been shopping for a couple days. Bring it all in here. We started at 5 o’clock, set up, ready to go,” said Kaitz.

But the day translates to a lot of meals sold.

“I have been relying on the success of Boston sports for the last decade,” said Jon Dendy of Kady Pedicabs. “So the Sox win, we all win.”

And with the beautiful weather, more home games this weekend, and Marathon Monday right around the corner, these businesses aren’t expecting to slow down anytime soon.

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“There’s so much love on this street,” said SaChe Register of the Yawkey Way Record. “There’s so much love in the air and this is just so much positivity so it’s just great to be out here with everybody.”

Rachel Holt