By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Mayor Michelle Wu declared a snow emergency Friday ahead of a potentially historic snowstorm on Saturday.

It goes into effect at 9 p.m. That’s when a parking ban will start on all major arteries in the city. Parking is not allowing in school lots, but space savers will be allowed, except in the South End, the mayor said.

“Once the snow emergency ends, you have 48 hours to remove any space saver and then they will be picked up by our Public Works department,” the mayor said at a news conference at City Hall.

The city has a list of free and discounted parking garages for residents here.

Hundreds of pieces of equipment will be used to clear roads and sidewalks during and after the storm.

“Our plows will be on the road, but we’re going to just keep clearing as the snow is coming down. It may be a little while before we reach all the way down to clear streets. So I just want to ask everyone to please be patient and be safe,” Wu told reporters.

“If you must travel, please bundle up and dress warmly. As take the T if at all possible. If you have to drive, give yourself plenty of time. Keep plenty of room for our crews to be able to maneuver on the roads and keep our streets safe.”

The mayor reminded property owners that they are required to clear off all sidewalks three hours after the snow stops falling.

“In a major snow event, we ask that residents please look out for one another. Check on older neighbors and offer help to those who may not be able to shovel themselves out. And for those who are able, lending a hand or a bit of extra shoveling can help your neighborhood stay safe after a storm,” Wu said.

On Long Wharf, crews were working to remove any leftover snow from the last storm. Protective barriers were also placed around the Aquarium T stop, since the area has been known to flood during storms.

Anyone with non-emergency calls during the storm, should dial 311 and not 911.

For more information on the snow emergency, visit the city’s website. Staff