By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — In the wake of what is being regarded as potentially the greatest football game ever played in Kansas City on Sunday night, debates about the NFL’s overtime format have been raging around the football world. They’re unlikely to stop any time soon.

The crew at “Inside The NFL” on Paramount+ offered their takes on the matter at the end of this week’s episode.

Phil Simms proposed a full 10-minute period of football to determine a winner. Brandon Marshall agreed with that proposal, citing fairness. Ray Lewis argued that defense should still matter, and thus the format does not need to be altered.

It was a heated debate … up until Julian Edelman came in with the rule proposal to trump all rule proposals.

“My thoughts are they should probably make it like the XFL did,” Edelman said. “They just throw a ball out in the middle, and whoever gets it, you get the ball. Remember that, guys?”

Edelman was of course referencing the XFL’s infamous coin toss substitute from its run in the 1990s, which pitted two opponents in a foot race/wrestling match to recover a football to determine possession. It was absolute chaos.

Edelman was joking, and inspired some laughs from his co-hosts. But if the NFL wanted an overtime solution that didn’t involve a coin toss, the retired receiver might have just delivered some borrowed genius from Vince McMahon’s old league. Staff