By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — The 2021 NFL season came down to the final seconds to determine the final standings. As such, the list of Patriots opponents for the 2022 season had to wait as well.

Yet after the Raiders defeated the Chargers in overtime, the teams were set.

And though the Patriots have a much more pressing game this coming weekend, they now know which teams they’ll be facing in 2022.

Outside of the usual AFC East teams — home and road dates with the Bills, Dolphins and Jets — the Patriots will be facing the following teams next season. The Patriots will have an extra road game next year, after having an extra home game in 2021.

Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts

Arizona Cardinals
Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers
Las Vegas Raiders

The AFC East will be matching up with the AFC North and NFC North next year. Additionally, having finished in second place in the AFC East, the the Patriots will face the second-place finisher in the AFC West (Raiders) and AFC South (Colts). The “extra” home game will be against the Arizona Cardinals. Staff