By Kristina Rex

BOSTON (CBS) – More than 11″ of snow fell in Boston during Friday’s storm, but new Mayor Michelle Wu did not declare a snow emergency. “It is light and fluffy snow so although it’s a little bit heavier than anticipated, it is getting cleared as we speak,” she told WBZ in a live interview.

The city’s ability to pay extra to fully staff plow drivers contributed to the decision not to declare a snow emergency. “We do have pretty competitive salaries for snowplow drivers, and that’s helped ease the burden on Boston when it comes to staffing,” explained Wu. “The costs have been going up, we’ve also seen a little bit lighter winters in recent years, and so fingers crossed, we would rather have lighter winters as well, but I know we will put in the resources no matter what it is to make sure people are safe.”

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South Boston residents who waited until after sunset to clear their cars were satisfied with the first storm of the season. “I think the town did a great job,” said Sean Dempsey. “The roads look fantastic. I was walking up on my basketball shoes and no slipping or anything, so everything worked out pretty well.”

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Parts of the city looked like a snow globe: untouched snow resting on the roofs of buildings, and kids sledding in the Boston Common.

Still, the less romantic parts of a snow day were ever present: for example, more than 300 flights were canceled at Logan airport Friday.

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All in all, Friday’s was a welcome snowstorm. “The first one of the year is always nice,” said Curtis Miller of South Boston. “It looks nice and it’s quiet. We will see how everybody feels on Sunday when it’s all slushy and iced up, but for today, can’t complain at all.”

Kristina Rex