BOSTON (CBS) — Sunday marked a historic — and historically uncomfortable — moment in Patriots press conference lore, when Bill Belichick was asked a lighthearted question about his new year’s resolutions just minutes after his team lost a rather significant game to fall out of first place in the division.

The exchange was quick, with Belichick saying no to the question before adding, “Maybe next week.”

So on Friday, the same reporter joined Belichick’s press conference (via Zoom) to ask if Belichick had any updates to share with the people.

“It’s New Year’s Eve Day,” the reporter began the question. “Have you had a chance to consider any New Year’s resolutions since I asked you on Sunday?”

Belichick once again politely declined to answer.

“Yeah, they would all be personal, so they probably wouldn’t mean anything to you anyway,” Belichick said. “Thank you.”

The first task on Belichick’s to-do list in 2022 will be to beat the Jaguars on Sunday and try to beat the Dolphins the following weekend in Miami. Beyond that, the world will just have to wonder which ways Belichick will be seeking to improve himself and his surroundings in the new year. Staff