By Staff

WEST BROOKFIELD (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police recently arrested a driver after finding a reproduction of a gun from the 1800s during a traffic stop.

Drake Decker, 32, was stopped on Main Street in West Brookfield around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday for an obstructed license plate.

A gun from the 1800s found during a traffic stop in West Brookfield. (Image Credit: Massachusetts State Police)

While speaking with Decker, the trooper saw the grip of a gun unsecured on the floor in the backseat. Police said Decker did not have a license to carry a weapon, and was also carrying a stun gun.

After Decker was removed from his car, police discovered the gun in the backseat was a F.lli Pietta from 1841.

Decker is facing a variety of charges, including possession of a firearm and carrying an electronic control weapon. Staff