By Tiffany Chan

WESTWOOD, MA (CBS) – The price of just about everything has gone up, and come January 1, grocers say eggs could be hard to come by.

“There’s not going to be a supply unless lawmakers act,” said Lambert’s Market owner Nino Lambert.

Massachusetts lawmakers are scrambling to reach an agreement on how much space is required to house farm animals like chickens and pigs that produce breakfast staples.

A delay, Governor Charlie Baker tweeted, could drive up the price of eggs for consumers.

“I have a grandson who eats six fried eggs over easy every morning,” said one shopper. “I don’t know how they’re going to manage it!”

New England Brown Egg Council President Bill Bell told WBZ-TV the law as is will impact out-of-state farmers that supply 97% of the eggs in Massachusetts.

“There will literally be no eggs on the shelves. We can’t be doing something illegal,” said Bell. “This fix can’t be done on the last week of December.”

It’s frustrating for both shoppers and grocers struggling to stock their shelves amid supply chain issues nationwide.

“It’s very frustrating for me because eggs are a staple and it’s a very affordable meal that low-income people can feed their families,” Lambert explained. “Right now that can be taken off the table.”

Shoppers told WBZ that they’re already paying for more everyday essentials.

“People with large families, who can pay that much money for food?”

One Massachusetts egg farmer said even if lawmakers hammer out their differences, the price per carton could double in 2022.

Tiffany Chan