By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) – When it comes to fundraising, no one was more generous than Massachusetts this year.

According to the annual Giving Report released by GoFundMe, Massachusetts donated the most in 2021.

“If 2020 was a year in crisis, 2021 was The Year of Gratitude. We saw this sentiment echoed throughout the GoFundMe community, with 15 million messages of thank you to and from the community and millions of donors who stepped up to help others every day,” GoFundMe said.

Massachusetts came in ahead of Vermont and Connecticut on the annual list.

Other New England states also made an appearance in the Top 10. Rhode Island was fifth, New Hampshire was ninth and Maine was No. 10.

Worldwide, GoFundMe says that a donation is made every second through the platform.

The most generous day of the last year was March 28. Staff