BOSTON (CBS) — There is a mighty wind blowing and snow falling from the sky in Buffalo ahead of Monday night’s Patriots-Bills showdown. But that hasn’t deterred Patriots center David Andrews from rocking his usual pre-game look.

With sustained winds around 25 MPH, snow falling from the sky and the temperature hovering just above freezing, Andrews was sleeveless and in shorts when he took the field at Highmark Stadium for pregame warmups. There probably wasn’t anything warm about it, but Andrews didn’t seem to mind.

He may be from Georgia, but spending seven years in New England has Andrews ready to tackle any conditions that Mother Nature throws out there.

Offensive lineman are indeed built differently, and Andrews is one of the toughest in the league. On Monday, he may also be one of the coldest, at least prior to the game.

A handful of Patriots players took the field ahead of the game in short sleeves and shorts, though it was tough to identify them given the snow squalls. None of them seemed to mind the conditions, jumping around and dancing despite the fact that there was no music playing in the stadium. The wind provided the only soundtrack ahead of the game.

The cold also didn’t seem to bother rookie quarterback Mac Jones. The Florida native was bundled up pretty well, but still wasn’t rocking any gloves during his pre-game routine.

Jones said earlier this week that he wasn’t bothered by the cold in New England when the Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans last Sunday, and that he hadn’t considered wearing gloves in the future. We’ll see if he changes his mind when Monday night’s game kicks off. Staff