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SHREWSBURY (CBS) — A round of ammunition was found in the hall of Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury on Friday. Shrewsbury and Massachusetts State Police did a search of the entire building and did not find anything else, and no one was hurt.

Officers did remain at the school for the rest of the day.

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Oak Middle School principal Dr. Ann Jones and Superintendent of Shrewsbury Public Schools Dr. Joseph Sawyer released a joint statement, detailing the day’s events.

Both said a live bullet was found, and students were asked to put their backpacks in the hallways for the search. State Police K-9 units were involved in the search, but nothing else was found.

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“The search did not find anything and did not result in any cause for concern,” said Dr. Jones and Dr. Sawyer. “The school has no information that would lead us to believe that any threat exists.

The police search ended at around 11:15 p.m., and at that point, students were first informed by Dr. Jones as to why there was a search. Jones said kids were reassured they were safe.

“We are providing this information to you to reassure families that we responded to the discovery of the bullet by following our safety protocols to ensure that the school environment was safe,” Jones and Sawyer wrote to the families of their students.

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Students were able to talk to a teacher or an administrator with any questions about what happened. Staff