By Staff

WORCESTER (CBS) – Several people were forced out of their home early Monday morning in Worcester after a man allegedly swung a pair of scissors at a police officer, then went inside a triple-decker and started a fire that spread to several floors.

The incident began around 12:30 a.m. on Moen Street.

Firefighters knock down the flames at a Worcester triple-decker. (WBZ-TV)

A woman told police that Luis Ramirez, 25, was inside the apartment breaking things.

When officers later attempted to talk to Ramirez outside the home, he allegedly swung a pair of scissors and grazed an officer’s face.

Ramirez then barricaded himself inside the apartment. A short time later, police smelled smoke coming from the rear door.

“Officers and firefighters tried to help Mr. Ramirez out of the apartment safely but he continued to refuse and threatened them,” Worcester Police said in a statement.

Flames destroyed this Worcester triple-decker, displacing several residents. (WBZ-TV)

Firefighters were able to put out the fire with Ramirez still inside, but flames ripped through the top two floors of the building.

Eventually, officers convinced Ramirez to drop the scissors and come outside. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for smoke inhalation.

Bernard Jones lives with his family in the building.

“I look outside. Cops are chasing my neighbor around. He went in the house. Next thing you know the house is on fire,” Jones said. “I’m just lost for words right now.”

Ramirez was charged with four counts of attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and arson.

Eight people were forced out of their apartments because of the fire. Staff