By Jacob Wycoff

BOSTON (CBS) – The first snow flurry of the season hit the Boston area Friday night.

Let’s break down how this happened.


Rain showers were off and on throughout the morning into the midday as a front pushed closer to New England. The Berkshires were the first to see snow.

Normally, you see temperatures increase as the sun rises, but that wasn’t the case Friday. Temperatures were stuck in place for much of the morning.


Rain showers began to switch over to snow flakes for the Worcester Hills as rain tapered into the mid-afternoon. Temperatures began to fall around mid-afternoon to the mid-to-upper 30s, becoming more supportive of this change.


As this front wrapped up and headed out to sea, it dragged some colder air into southern New England. Any snow that fell in Boston likely accumulated in places like grass and bushes, but it may be be enough to cause some slickness on roads.

The roads are likely slick through parts of Worcester County, especially along Route 2 and north. While totals weren’t excessive, it doesn’t take much to make travel rough as drivers get their ‘snow legs’ back.

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Now if you’re thinking, it’s still way too early for this, November 28th is the average date for the first measurable snow in Boston. Almost right on schedule! Boston also averages about 1.2 inches of snow in November, though the average is weighted heavily by some of the snowier years. The last few Novembers have basically been bare.

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Is this a harbinger of what’s to come?

We shall see! Click here for the full WBZ-TV Winter Forecast.

We also want to know what you’re forecasting for snow totals in Boston this winter. If you’re closest, you could win a season ski pass to Wachusett Mountain. Click here for more information.

Jacob Wycoff