By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) — Dr. Mallika Marshall is answering your coronavirus vaccine-related medical questions. If you have a question, email her or message her on Facebook or Twitter.

Dr. Mallika is offering her best advice, but as always, consult your personal doctor before making any decisions about your personal health.

My child is 17. When will the COVID booster get approved for her age? She had second vaccine shot 6 months ago. – Ying

Right now, boosters are not recommended for kids under 18 because it’s not clear whether their immunity after the initial vaccine series wanes to the same degree as it does in adults. Researchers are currently studying this, and we should have more information in the next several months.

I’m a healthy 33 year old. I got my second COVID dose about 7 months ago. Is it safe to get a booster now? – Isidro, Facebook

Yes. You can get a booster if you’re at least 6 months past your second dose of an mRNA vaccine or at least 2 months past a J&J vaccine.

I had two Pfizer vaccines shots in Jan and Feb. Earlier this month, I was hospitalized with COVID pneumonia. How long should I wait to get my booster? – Nancy

I’m sorry you had that experience. You can get your booster when you’re no longer in isolation and feeling better. Consult your physicians, but you should probably get it within three months of your infection. However, if you received monoclonal antibodies, you should wait at least 90 days before getting a booster.

I am 70 and my wife is 68. We had the Moderna vaccine last spring. We both tested positive for COVID in September. Are we protected with antibodies after getting the infection or do we need the booster? – Gary

I’m glad you both recovered and didn’t get particularly sick. Thank goodness you had been vaccinated in the spring. Even if you’ve had a breakthrough infection, however, you should eventually get a booster. Consult your physician, but you should probably get it within three months of your infection unless you received monoclonal antibodies in which case you need to wait at least 90 days. Getting infected has probably given you a boost in antibodies, but vaccination is more effective at boosting immunity than infection.

Dr. Mallika Marshall