By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Supposedly, turkeys are scarce at the supermarkets this year. (Not at any market I’ve seen, but that’s another story.) But they were easy to find in the national news this year. You couldn’t flip on the news without tripping over a rafter of them. So, it is only after extensive deliberation that we offer our top four:

The “QAnon Shaman”

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Out of all the deluded turkeys who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon Shaman, gets a special spot on our menu. He led the invading hordes, screaming obscenities and demanding lawmakers be hauled out to face “justice.”

Last week, Chansley got his justice – 41 months in prison. And no, he won’t be able to wear his antlers there.

Terry McAuliffe

What makes this such a happy Thanksgiving for Virginia’s Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin?

The gift of getting to run against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who in the midst of an uproar over unpopular public school policies chose to say this in a televised debate: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

It doesn’t matter what he “really” meant. That supremely arrogant and ill-advised remark was an early Christmas gift to the Youngkin campaign.

As one parent put it in an interview with CBS News: “For him to actually come out and say it, it’s like, this is what we’ve been fighting against.” Thanks turkey! I mean…Terry!

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Andrew Cuomo

For New York’s former governor, the keyword this year is “never.” As in, he “never” sexually harassed co-workers and other women unfortunate enough to encounter him, “never” touched anyone inappropriately.

Sure. Eleven different women – including a state trooper – just imagined Cuomo groped and harassed them.

Even now, after resigning in disgrace and facing a criminal complaint, Cuomo continues to play offense, like the rogue uncle at your Thanksgiving table who ignores the ban on talking politics.

Mark Zuckerberg

What did we learn from all the leaks this year about Facebook’s damaging irresponsibility? (Here’s a link to a Wall Street Journal series that still doesn’t tell the full story.) That when CEO Mark Zuckerberg tells you they’re fixing a problem, better hold onto your wallet.

This turkey’s had a long, enriching run, but still seems incapable of grasping the concept of civic responsibility, most recently touting a virtual-reality “metaverse” that his own flunkies acknowledge will likely be “toxic” and “practically impossible” to moderate.

As whistleblower Frances Haugen put it recently: “I think it’s unlikely the company will change if he remains the CEO.”

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Jon Keller