By Staff

DEDHAM (CBS) — Four people in a wheelchair van were injured after a multi-vehicle crash Friday in the Dedham-Westwood area on I-95 southbound. The van rolled over near Exit 29B at around noon and landed off the highway.

All four inside the van were taken to Boston-area hospitals to be treated for injuries. None of the injuries appear to be life-threatening, according to Brewster Ambulance, whose van was involved in the crash.

There were no patients in the van at the time of the crash.

A wheelchair van crashed on Route 128 (WBZ-TV)

Westwood Fire Chief John Deckers said getting to the scene was a challenge because of how busy the road was.

“The biggest challenge is it was in the fast speed lane, and the median of the fast speed lane. We had to work over a guardrail,” said Deckers.

Because the van rolled over on its side, it made it difficult to get the female driver out.

“We had to extricate [her] with various different tools and actually cut the roof off the vehicle to get the driver out from the vehicle,” said Deckers.

She was medflighted to a hospital with serious injuries, while the other three were taken by ambulance.

“They were all talking and communicating,” the Chief said.

Traffic came to a slow halt along the Dedham-Westwood line, and crews had to bring in a crane to life the van upright onto the tow truck. Deckers said it could have been a lot worse for the passengers in the van.

“They were absolutely blessed because this could have been a far worse situation.” Staff