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FOXBORO (CBS) — Patriots offensive lineman Trent Brown returned to action last weekend in the team’s blowout win over the Cleveland Browns. Brown explained Tuesday that it was a fitting opponent for his return, after he nearly died last season ahead of a game against Cleveland.

As a member of the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020, Brown was going through his regular pre-game routine ahead of a Nov. 1 matchup with the Browns. That included getting fluids through an IV, but something went terribly wrong that morning.

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Air was accidently introduced into his bloodstream, and Brown nearly suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and said Tuesday that he could have died from the ordeal.

“To pass out and almost go into cardiac arrest was crazy,” Brown told reporters on Tuesday. “I almost died, so it was scary. I was in Cleveland by myself in the hospital for a few days.”

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Brown said that he considered retiring after the incident.

“I definitely thought about my kids,” he said. “I even thought about retirement. It was that scary. I was about to be done with it.”

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Brown said it took him nearly eight months to feel himself on the field again. The offensive lineman played just five games with the Raiders last year, and was traded to New England in March. Staff