By Christina Hager

LUNENBURG (CBS) — There’s a sign out front that says “Closed Until Further Notice” at Getcha Sneakers, after thieves broke into the Lunenberg store after 4:00 a.m. Monday, and took tens of thousand dollars worth of collectible sneakers and high-end clothing.

“It was crazy. There were shoes all over the floor, a lot of glass in the front,” said Michael Cortes. He owns the store, which operates like a pawn shop, with a team of people buying, selling, and trading sneakers.

On Monday morning, he found the store ransacked, with boxes and shoes tossed throughout the store.

Getcha Sneakers was broken into and $70,000 worth of merchandise was stolen (Photos Via Michael Cortes)

The front door was shattered with an ax. Video from his security system shows a group dressed head-to-toe in black. They’re later seen inside rummaging through shelves.

“They definitely scoped the place out. They were here probably several times,” said Cortes.

Behind the store, a security camera shows a getaway car. When police ran the license plate, they discovered it was stolen from Lowell Sunday night.

“These range from like $300 to $400,” he said, holding up a pair of Yeezy Adidas. He said about $70,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. “There’s a lot of like high-end pieces like Luis Vuitton, Gucci.”

They even took a stack of hats with the store logo on them.

For Cortes, it’s more than a financial hit; it’s personal. He said opening the store less than a year ago was a dream for him. “We all came from nothing. There was a point in time where I was homeless. I didn’t have anything, and I started selling shoes, and now I have a shoe store.”

For that reason, he says he’s made a point of giving back to the community. There’s a collection bin at the door for donations to a local food pantry.

The incident leaves him speechless. “I have no words for them. I don’t know what I would say to them, so I’ll just…let God do his thing,” Cortes said.

He’s now hoping the community will help him through a GoFundMe account.

He said he’s forced to shut down for about a week, just as his first holiday shopping season is starting to get underway.

Christina Hager