BOSTON (CBS) – While flu activity in most of the country is “minimal”, data suggests flu cases are already up 23% compared to last year. Dr. Mallika Marshall said she treated one of the first documented cases of influenza in the state this weekend at an urgent care clinic.

Dr. Marshall is hearing reports that cases are showing up in other parts of the Commonwealth too.

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“So, it’s out there and it’s coming,” Dr. Marshall said. “And you don’t want to get the flu.”

While COVID poses a greater risk of severe illness and death, the flu makes you feel awful and poses a serious risk to children, the elderly, people with asthma, pregnant women, and others.

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CHECK: United States Flu Activity Map

Last year was a dud year for the flu because of all of the masking and sanitizing and social distancing we were doing. But we’ve let up on a lot of those precautions, so we expect to see much more flu this season.

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So, if you haven’t gotten your flu shot, Dr. Mallika Marshall says to get it now. It’s recommended for everyone six months and older.

Dr. Mallika Marshall