By Beth Germano

STOUGHTON (CBS) – It’s disturbing video captured in the halls of Stoughton High School: A teacher trying to intervene as fists fly among several students. Principal Juliette Miller told parents in an email that an argument quickly escalated.

“It’s kind of scary that the teachers have to throw themselves in the middle. I think one got injured from it,” said junior Matthew Sellitto.

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It was enough to require a shelter in place order at the high school to get the brawl under control. Dr. Ellise LaMotte, a parent, believes there’s a bigger issue with students who’ve been cooped up due to the pandemic. “It saddens me. We need to figure out what’s going on because it’s going on a larger scale than right here,” she said.

Just last week, the principal at the Henderson Inclusion School in Dorchester was beaten and knocked unconscious by a student. Video three weeks ago captured a brawl involving students at Lawrence High School where police tried to intervene.

Matthew Sellitto believes students are acting out more than ever. “I feel like being at home so long, don’t know how to act in person, they kind of explode like that.”

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In the email to parents, the principal warned, “Consequences for engaging in physical fights, disrupting the school day, failure to comply with adult intervention or direction and injuring faculty members can include lengthy suspensions or expulsion.”

It’s all left some students shaken.

“I just have to know the correct thing to do and stay on the right side. I just hope this doesn’t continue,” said Jasmine LaMotte.

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The principal also said recording such incidents is prohibited in school and cellphone policies may also have to be revisited.

Beth Germano