LOWELL (CBS) – Remains found Wednesday in Lowell may be connected to the cold case disappearance of Judith Chartier, who was last seen leaving a party in Billerica on June 5, 1982 when she was 17 years old.

On Tuesday, investigators said parts of a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger had been found in the Concord River. The parts were matched to the Vehicle Identification Number of Chartier’s car.

Human remains were found on Billerica Street in Lowell. (WBZ-TV)

A day later, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said divers went back into the water with new sonar technology and found human remains.

“The river here is very murky. There’s a lot of vegetation. It’s not like going into a swimming pool. It’s a difficult area to search,” Ryan said.

Other items, including clothing, a purse or card case and a laminated work ID card, were also found.

Ryan said the evidence does not necessarily confirm that the remains belonged to Chartier. Ryan said it will be “weeks and months, not days” before the remains are identified.

Chelmsford Police Chief James Spinney called it a “major, major case development.”

“It affects a person and a family forever. This case has affected the Chelmsford community and the Chelmsford Police Department for the better part of four decades. We’ve never closed the case,” Spinney said.

Judith Chartier (Courtesy Photo)

Ryan said investigators were searching in the area because they were taking a fresh look at the case. They did not receive a tip about the location.

Divers are expected to return to the water in the coming days.

“For a long time, we knew where the story ended in those early morning hours. Now, we have a conclusion to where the car and these human remains were found, and now the question will be connecting them,” Ryan said.

The District Attorney was asked if there are any signs of foul play. Ryan said Chartier’s family has been notified.

“Not at this point. It’s way too early for that,” Ryan said.

CBSBoston.com Staff