By Cheryl Fiandaca

BOSTON (CBS) – Dora Clark of Boston purchased two tickets for a James Taylor concert at Tanglewood for July 2020 from StubHub. The tickets cost nearly $600.

Unfortunately, it was postponed by the pandemic and turned into a charity event. And StubHub would not refund the money or let Dora resell the tickets.

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Dora says it has been a difficult process, “And through all of this they were pretty much stonewalling me, if you asked to speak to a supervisor or anything.”

Ed Cronin of Fitchburg faced a similar situation. He purchased two tickets for the musical “Hamilton” from StubHub only to see it delayed two years. He also could not get his money until the I-Team’s Call For Action stepped in.

Ed was grateful for the help and warned others of doing business with StubHub saying, “Think twice before you click that button and get the tickets that you want. I am extremely grateful to WBZ.”

Turns out, Dora and her sister saw that story and they reached out to Call For Action.

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“My sister called me and said turn on your television,” Dora told us. “WBZ’s Call For Action has a guy saying the exactly the same thing that you said!”

So, once again WBZ reached out to StubHub. They ended up giving Dora her money back saying in a statement:

“This situation was a particular anomaly in that, when the event date moved, it also became a benefit event, as such, our operations team followed through with our usual ‘charity treatment’ of an event, forgoing the ability for a customer to buy or sell tickets. Unfortunately, that meant this buyer was unable to sell the tickets.”

Dora was stunned when Stub Hub contacted her not long after, “We were amazed that it only took three days for you to resolve our issue!”

Dora even got to use the refund by taking a nice trip to Cape Cod with her sister.

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“We walked on the beach. We went shopping, we ate ice cream. We ate lobster. It was a lot more fun than sitting here waiting to see if we could see James Taylor a year from now,” she said.

Cheryl Fiandaca