By Staff

WASHINGTON (CBS) — Halloween came early to Capitol Hill this year – and it was Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s costume that stole the show.

The former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican nominee for president put on his best “Ted Lasso” impression – fake mustache and all.

It was a full-circle moment – Jason Sudekis stars as Lasso in the Apple TV show, but he played Romney during his time on “Saturday Night Live.”

“After 10 years, I’m finally returning the favor,” Romney tweeted. “How was my @TedLasso, @JasonSudeikis?”

So far there’s no response from the fictional character on Twitter, or Sudeikis.

Romney also shared a photo of himself having “biscuits with the boss” with Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema – a reference that fans of the show will recognize.

“She’s one tough cookie,” Romney said of the centrist Democrat, who has attracted the ire of the progressive wing of her party for holding up parts of President Joe Biden’s agenda. Staff