BOSTON (CBS) — Three days after the nor’easter hit Massachusetts, power outages are still a problem for many residents. The CEO of Eversource said, “this is one of the largest effort that Eversource has been involved with for quite some time.”

Crews in Duxbury worked into the night on Friday.

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While work continues, families are trying to make the best of it.

“Tom just made steak on the grill, so we’re okay,” said Stacey Burns.

“We have a fireplace,” said Tom Burns. “We snuggle.”

According to Eversource CEO Joe Nolan, 1,600 crews were racing to restore power with another downpour on the horizon.

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At Nick Pagliarulo’s home, power is just part of the puzzle: a giant oak tree still sits on the top of his house.

“I had a crane lined up and they tried to get here yesterday but yesterday the debris was so bad that they couldn’t get up here,” he said.

A chain saw buzzed at John Edgar’s house. His power was restored Friday afternoon, but normalcy still hasn’t returned due to the tree across his driveway.

“A four-bedroom house may seem roomy until you’re trapped inside of it the whole bloody day,” said Edgar.

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Eversource estimates that 98% of customers will have their power back by 6 p.m. on Saturday. Staff