By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — It’s looking more and more likely that Deshaun Watson’s next NFL home will be in Miami.

Fox’s Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that the Dolphins remain in “heavy” pursuit of the quarterback, and that the Dolphins’ current trade offer is the best the Texans have at the moment.

“[The Texans] are still very heavily engaged with trade talks with the Miami Dolphins,” Glazer said. “What I’m told this week is that another team called up, just to inquire, and the message that the Texans are giving off, ‘You’ve gotta beat Miami’s offer.’ So it looks like it’s all heading toward that way.”

While Glazer indicated that the Dolphins may be the most involved team, he said the Texans — and GM Nick Caserio — are still looking for a massive return on Watson.

“And I do also know that they are looking for at least — at least! — three first-round picks, plus two additional picks, for Deshaun Watson,” Glazer said.

Getting that return for a quarterback who’s currently not actively playing due to 22 women suing him for alleged sexual assault may not be possible. For now, there continues to be smoke about the Dolphins making the move to bring Watson into the AFC East.

When he last played, Watson led the NFL with 4,823 passing yards, throwing 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions last season. He also rushed for 444 yards and three touchdowns. Staff