By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — It is a brave new world for NHL broadcasting, after the league moved on from NBC for its national platform in favor of ESPN and TNT. Bruins fans experienced the TNT broadcast on Wednesday, and they’ll be getting the ESPN treatment on Friday night — though it won’t be as simple as turning to the channel on cable.

Friday night’s game between the Bruins and Sabres will be airing exclusively on ESPN+, the sports network’s streaming service, and Hulu. (Both Hulu and ESPN+ are owned by the Walt Disney Company.) The game will not be airing on ESPN’s cable channels, and it won’t be airing on NESN.

For Bruins fans who don’t subscribe to the streaming service or don’t have easy access to a smart TV, this setup is sure to cause some frustration for hockey fans on Friday night.

It won’t be a rare occurrence, though, as the Bruins have three more games this season scheduled to air only on ESPN+/Hulu. Staff