By Liam Martin

DORCHESTER (CBS) – Kamaal Jarrett is on a mission to expand Caribbean flavors in Boston.

The founder of Hillside Harvest was born in Jamaica before moving to Milton as a child, and that history is still with him.

“Hillside Harvest is a Caribbean-American-inspired sauce and condiment company based here in Boston,” he tells WBZ-TV.

He’s been running this startup for the past few years out of Commonwealth Kitchen in Dorchester, an incubator of sorts for small culinary businesses.

And he’s hoping to spice up the hot sauce market.

“We use a lot of scotch bonnet pepper, we use a lot of spice in general, but a lot of flavor, a lot of fruits,” he says.

Hillside now offers three flavors of hot sauce (sun-kissed tomato, pineapple fresno and original hot pepper) and a Jamaican jerk marinade. After just two years in business, he’s already been named the official hot sauce provider of the Boston Red Sox.


“If I thought about as a little kid in Tucker Elementary School in Milton that I would be in Fenway with something that I created, it’s unbelievable,” Jarrett says.

He’s also in several stores, like Whole Foods, and he’s hoping to expand soon.


You can order directly from Jarrett at