BOSTON (CBS) – Anthony Espinal was headed to Bleacher Bar at Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play Game 4 of the American League Championship Series when the roar of the crowd caught his attention.

It was the bottom of the first inning. Fans were reacting to a go-ahead home run that had just left Xander Bogaerts’ bat and was sailing over the Green Monster.

“We were walking to the Bleacher Bar and we heard the roar of the fans. Some guy points up. I look up and I see the ball. I’m like ‘Someone’s going to be lucky enough to catch it,’” Espinal said.

That someone ended up being Espinal.

Anthony Espinal snagged a home run ball outside of Fenway Park. (Image Credit: Julia Kearsley)

The ball bounced off a sign across the street where a crowd was waiting to try and catch the home run. Instead, it rolled back and came to a stop on the backside of the Green Monster.

Espinal had a split second to snag the ball before the crowd could make their run for it, and he took advantage.

The Red Sox fell to the Houston Astros and the ALCS is now tied two games apiece. But it was a night to remember for Espinal. As for the rest of the series?

“I never count the Boston sports teams out, no matter what,” Espinal said. Staff