BOSTON (CBS) — If you thought that Red Sox fans might have calmed down a bit after the six-run explosion in the second inning of Monday night’s ALCS Game 3, well, you were met with quite a surprise when the postgame show on Lansdowne Street kicked off on FS1.

After the Red Sox’ 12-3 victory to take a 2-1 series lead over the Astros, fans poured out of Fenway Park to see Boston legend David Ortiz on stage with fellow co-hosts Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas, along with host Kevin Burkhardt. These fans were excited, these fans were rowdy, and Ortiz of course played into that excitement.

While such a pop is normal for the start of these postgame shows, this crowd simply did not quit. Whether it was celebrating the win or antagonizing A-Rod, the fans were going absolutely nuts for the duration of this postgame show.

At one point, when Kyle Schwarber joined the show, Ortiz described the environment.

“Hey, Kyle, I’m here with A-Rod, man. They want to kill him,” Ortiz said. “Screaming everybody, ‘Yankees suck! Yankees suck!’ Are you happy that you didn’t get traded to the Yankees?”

The anti-Rodriguez and anti-Yankees chants were certainly the theme of the night, as were anti-Astros chants, of course. It reached the point where the network had to cut the audio several times, so as not to broadcast certain words that aren’t supposed to go out over the air.

A-Rod went full pro wrestling to embrace the moment:

Some more videos of the rowdiness are out there, too.

It was, obviously, quite the scene. It also may inspire the folks in charge to consider a relocation for Games 4 and 5 if they want viewers to actually be able to hear the hosts. Staff