By Staff

FOXBORO (CBS) — The Dallas Cowboys were responsible for a lot of laundry being tossed on the field throughout Sunday’s overtime win over the Patriots in Foxboro. But it was one penalty flag that wasn’t thrown that has New England in an uproar.

At least virtually, that is. Because everyone airs their grievances on Twitter, about everything.

But they do have a case, and a strong one a that. The missed call was a big one, as it came early in overtime on New England’s only possession of the extra frame. Nelson Agholor went out for a pass on a third-and-3 play, but he never got to Mac Jones’ offering. He never really had a chance to get that pass, as Dallas cornerback Anthony Brown gave Agholor’s facemask a tug while the ball was in the air.

After the missed facemask penalty, Jake Bailey punted the ball away for New England and the Cowboys won seven plays later when Dak Prescott hit CeeDee Lamb for a 35-yard touchdown.

It probably didn’t help New England’s cause that Agholor didn’t complain about the missed call. Whining to the officials doesn’t always work, but stating one’s case never hurts. But he didn’t say a peep after the play.

That won’t endear him much to Patriots fans, nor will his drop on a Jones first down pass a few plays prior. On New England’s first play of overtime, Jones went to the veteran wide receiver, who had plenty of room in front of him. But Agholor dropped the pass and a chance to pick up some serious yardage in a must-have situation.

The Patriots didn’t say much about the missed call after the game, focused more on what they have to do moving forward.

“You can’t blame everything on the refs,” said quarterback Mac Jones. “We have to move on and find ways not to be in that position.”

The Cowboys were hit with 12 penalties on Sunday that cost them 115 yards. But it’s one missed call that has New England fans furious with the officials. You can see all their furor on Twitter, most of which is not suitable for print. Staff