BOSTON (CBS) — An FDA panel voted “yes” on Thursday to recommend a third dose of the Moderna vaccine. The panel approved the shot for people 65 and older, people 18 and older who have underlying conditions and risk factors, and people who are in jobs that put them at a greater risk of infection.

Those professions include healthcare workers, grocery store clerks and teachers.

There was quite a bit of back and forth about whether Moderna boosters are really necessary only six months after the first two doses because the efficacy of the vaccine has stood up well against hospitalization and death.

However, in the end, the vote was unanimous in favor of authorizing them.

But remember, this is just an advisory panel. The FDA will have to make a final decision about whether to authorize Moderna boosters for these groups. Then, the CDC advisory committee will have to vote it up or down next week.

If you remember, there was some disagreement between the FDA and the CDC panel about whether people in jobs that put them at higher risk of developing COVID should be eligible for Pfizer boosters. In the end, the CDC Director made the final decision and said “yes”.

So we will have to see what happens over the next week or so before anyone can go out and get a Moderna booster.

On Friday, the FDA panel will consider Johnson and Johnson booster shots.

Dr. Mallika Marshall