By Staff

WORCESTER (CBS) – Someone dumped red paint on a Christopher Columbus statue in Worcester Wednesday, the second time a similar incident has happened in just over a year.

It happened early Wednesday morning outside Union Station. The paint has since been cleaned off, but the statue was left slightly stained.

Worcester Police said the suspect walked away after vandalizing the statue.

There are currently no suspects and no arrests have been made. Police believe it happened around 3 a.m.

Some have pushed to take down controversial statues across the country and overseas in recent years.

Columbus was one of the first Europeans in the New World, credited by many for discovering America. However, critics say his trip began the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Columbus is also criticized for his violent treatment and killing of Native Americans, who see him as a racist.

In June 2020, Worcester Police released surveillance video of two men dumping paint on the Christoper Columbus statue at Union Station. Staff