CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) – Vaccine protesters were taken out of New Hampshire’s Executive Council meeting in handcuffs Wednesday.

New Hampshire’s Governor Chris Sununu is upset with protesters for the second time in a month, and he’s furious with the council for rejecting millions of dollars in COVID funds, calling the vote, “a total disservice to the constituents we serve.”

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Last month, the council had to call off a meeting when demonstrators got out of hand. On Wednesday, protesters packed the meeting, holding anti-vaccine signs. Police arrested nine demonstrators after they were warned not to disrupt the meeting. Then, the council voted, 4-1, to reject $27 million in federal funding to boost New Hampshire vaccine effort.

Nine protesters were arrested at the New Hampshire Executive Council’s meeting on Wednesday. (WBZ-TV)

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The four council members who voted against taking the federal money are, like Sununu, Republicans. They said the state doesn’t need the money, and taking it might compel New Hampshire to follow federal guidelines, including vaccine mandates and quarantine rules.

“A lot of folks do not appreciate that these funding sources – these funding mechanisms – they don’t just live in silos. It isn’t just about funding about one thing and if you don’t fund it, it doesn’t happen. It is a domino effect, a chain reaction effect across our entire health care system. And, unfortunately, you know, the Executive Council did not want to listen to any of that today. It will have a severe negative effect to our ability to manage it.”

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The nine demonstrators arrested and charged with disorderly conduct were John Schmitt, 68, of Keene, New Hampshire; Albert Todd, 32, of Nashua, New Hampshire; Frank Staples, 41, of Manchester, New Hampshire; Terese Grinnell, 48, of Loudon, New Hampshire; Monica Holm, 48, of Hudson, New Hampshire; Kathleen Bussiere-Appleton, 70, of Newton, New Hampshire; Marylyn Todd, 37, of Nashua, New Hampshire; Emilee Spiller, 26, of New Ipswich, New Hampshire; and James Stuart, 68, of Rochester, New Hampshire. All the protesters were charged with disorderly conduct.