By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Troy Hoyt, the grandson of legendary Boston Marathon runner Dick Hoyt, completed his first Boston Marathon on Monday.

His grandfather, Dick, pushed his son Rick during the event for decades. Dick passed away last March at the age of 80.

Troy finished with a time of 3:57:06. He told WBZ-TV the experience surpassed his expectations.

“It was what I expected and more. It was great. It was a lot of support from friends, family, and even people I didn’t even know. They were screaming, ‘Team Hoyt,'” Troy said.

Russ Hoyt, Troy’s father and one of Dick’s sons, greeted Troy after he finished.

“I’m so incredibly proud of my son. Losing my dad was so hard, but him doing this today, I love this kid. He’s awesome,” said a choked-up Russ. “This is incredible.”

Troy, the grandson of legendary Boston Marathon runner Dick Hoyt, celebrates the completion of his first Boston Marathon (WBZ-TV)

Russ added that he and Troy felt Dick’s spirit during the event.

“I know he’s looking down on us. The skies opened up so [Troy] could have sunshine when he crossed the finish line,” Russ said.

Troy also had a message to Rick, who was at home watching the Marathon after announcing his retirement from the race last week.

“Rick I can feel those hills. I knew you were laughing at me, but it was worth it.” Staff