By Rachel Holt

ASHLAND (CBS) — Twelve-year-old Spencer and nine-year-old Penny are a staple along the Boston Marathon route, holding signs to cheer on the runners.

“They just like to carry stuff so I figured one year I’d have them do the Boston Strong flag and then he just did it,” said Rich Powers.

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Owner Rich Powers is a professional photographer and runs The Henry Studio out of Holliston. He captures plenty of adorable moments of his golden retrievers. One such video of Spencer from the 2018 Boston Marathon went viral.

“I came home, posted it on Facebook and took a nap and woke up and it was literally 45,000 views in less than an hour,” said Powers.

Despite his celeb status, Spencer will dutifully be out there again, understanding the importance of his role.

Spencer, Penny and Rich Powers (WBZ-TV)

“He definitely feels the energy of the runners and everything when they go by. He knows it’s a big deal and he gets a charge out of it,” said Powers.

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Powers shares after a year off, this race is special for more than one reason.

“We had a little medical scare with him last year and we didn’t think he was going to be able to do this so this is a big deal for him, me, and a lot of people to see him back out there,” said Powers.

Even though Spencer is more of a social media star, Penny will also be there on Monday, as they have been together since 2015, cheering on the runners.

“She’s been there the whole time. She’s just sort of like- I’ll do it if I feel like it. Spencer just knows. He gets it. So she’ll be there- she may or may not be holding signs,” said Powers.

Two pups with different personalities, but with one common goal come Marathon Monday.

“We want to make people smile. That’s our only objective and goal. Is just to make people smile. That’s it,” said Powers.

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On Monday, runners will be able to spot them early on in the race. They will be posted up in their usual spot by Ashland State Park, a couple miles from the start.

Rachel Holt