BOSTON (CBS) — When Patriots owner Robert Kraft caught up with Tom Brady prior to Sunday night’s game, we only saw the conversation. Despite the numerous cameras and microphones surrounding the two, we didn’t hear it.

Now, though, we have a snippet of their conversation, courtesy of a promo for “Inside The NFL.”

The first part of their conversation went like this:

BRADY: Hey, handsome. How you doing?

KRAFT: I like your new ‘do.

BRADY: Do ya?

KRAFT: Yeah.

BRADY: Nice and short. How you doing?

KRAFT: Oh, miss you, man.

BRADY: Miss you too. You look good, as always.

KRAFT: I’m proud of ya.

BRADY: Thanks.

Obviously, with the cameras and microphones around them, neither Kraft nor Brady was going to say anything too private. But it’s nevertheless notable that Kraft’s immediate message (after complimenting Brady’s hair) was telling him that he missed him and that he is proud of him.

It was a night of many reunions for Brady, but this pregame meeting with his former boss was likely the most emotional of the bunch.

In another mic’d up moment from the postgame handshakes, Brady tells Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, “I’m gonna steal some of those trick plays.”

He also referred to Jones as “Big Guy” and encouraged the new Patriots quarterback.

“Way to play,” Brady said to Mac Jones. “Great job. Keep it up. Keep it up.” Staff