BOSTON (CBS) — On Wednesday, Julian Edelman posted a cartoon on social media which previewed the forthcoming matchup between Bill Belichick’s Patriots and Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. Its meaning was … a bit confusing.

On Thursday, Edelman went with something we can all understand: “The Office.”

Edelman gave the meme treatment to “Dinner Party,” one of the most memorable and iconic episodes of the sitcom that ran from 2005-13.

In the video, names were placed over characters.

Tom Brady is Michael Scott, showing off his Bucs Super Bowl regalia.

Bill Belichick is Jan Levinson, getting enraged at the sight of the boasting.

Julian Edelman is Pam Beasley, feeling terribly uncomfortable. Mac Jones is Dwight Schrute’s former babysitter (which is a weird choice!). Rob Gronkowski is Schrute himself. Jim Halpert represents Patriots fans, and Andy Bernard represents all NFL fans.

All of them are there solely to feel terrifically awkward the entire time.

Eventually, Brady (Michael Scott) hangs up his Bucs Super Bowl banner (St. Pauli Girl neon light), and Belichick (Jan) throws a Lombardi Trophy (Dundie Award) at Brady’s (Michael’s) beloved plasma TV.

It is … well done.

Edelman said last week that watching this game will be like being a kid with divorced parents at a barbecue. He certainly picked the right scene from the right show to capture that level of awkwardness and discomfort. Staff