By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ-TV has learned that 59% of vaccinated Massachusetts residents who have ended up in the hospital with COVID had underlying conditions. The average age of a breakthrough patient who dies with COVID in the state is 82.

“All of our metrics are flawed,” said Tufts Medical Center infectious disease Dr. Shira Doron. “Even in the hospitalization data, we have people who are in the hospital for COVID, and people who are in the hospital with COVID and not due to COVID.”

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WBZ viewers have repeatedly asked for more information, especially a side-by-side comparison showing how many COVID cases are vaccinated, and how many are not. If you try to do the math yourself, adding up the numbers the state puts out every week, it can look like about 30% of new COVID cases are among people who have had shots. But the Department of Public Health says don’t be misled. That math is flawed because its weekly breakthrough numbers sometimes include cases from prior weeks, making it impossible to crunch the numbers with the data provided by the state.

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“I think it would be helpful to have a better understanding,” said Dominic Copeland. He’s a vaccinated Beverly City Councilor who ended up in the hospital with COVID back in August. He’s one of the state’s 1,155 hospitalized breakthrough cases.

Even though cases like his are on the rise, he insists his vaccination is what saved him from death. “I still feel strongly that that made a difference for me,” he said. “It was something that helped me combat COVID…the numbers get higher, but they’re still relatively low in comparison to the overall number.”

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According to the Department of Public Health, breakthrough cases in Massachusetts make up .8% of total cases. WBZ asked DPH repeatedly if there are any accurate data comparing COVID cases among vaccinated versus unvaccinated, or any plans to put that information out. DPH did not respond to the question.

Christina Hager