By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — With his fancy yachts and his seaside mansions and his Aston-Martin endorsement deals and his many, many fortunes, Tom Brady is not like the rest of us. It’s rare that Brady connects on any level with the average football fan — and many of those fans aren’t particularly fond of the quarterback who’s destroyed their teams’ dreams more often than not over the past two decades.

Yet if there’s one thing that can bring together the most successful quarterback in history with the collection of fans from coast to coast, it can be found in hating the NFL’s new emphasis on taunting penalties.

If you can follow the string of communication here, ESPN reporter Field Yates tweeted that everyone can agree that the new taunting rule “STINKS.” This tweet was posted on Instagram by @complexsports, along with the caption, “This new taunting rule is ruining the game!”

Brady commented on that Instagram post with a one-word, all-caps, exclamatory response:


Brady’s Buccaneers were hit with a taunting penalty on Sunday, after Mike Edwards scored a touchdown on a pick-six against Matt Ryan. Center Ryan Jensen was also hit with a taunting penalty in Week 1 after he celebrated an opponent hitting him in the face behind a play.

The league decided that it needed to do away with any and all forms of taunting this year, and through two weeks, many — or most? or all? — fans have been outraged to see flags fly after some very, very minor instances of taunting.

It turns out, Brady is right there with them. Staff