By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) — President Biden’s announcement that the US will again allow international travelers into the country later this fall is cause for celebration for the economy, for the travel industry, and for families.

When Valentina Bozzetti, her husband, and their little girl moved to Boston from Italy more than two years ago they, like all of us, had no idea how much the world would soon change.

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“It was terrible for me, also because I am a medical doctor soI was in such pain for my people and also my colleagues, they were working so hard. I was here. I couldn’t help them. It was very, very hard,” she said.

Valentina Bozzetti, her husband, and their daughter (Courtesy Photo)

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Even as the vaccine allowed other parts of life to slowly resume this spring and summer, the international travel restrictions still kept many families apart until now. This November, the US will reopen to fully vaccinated air travelers from 33 countries.

“We are a very big family and we are very close to each other,” Bozzetti said. “We really don’t want to miss another Christmas without our families.”

Kimberly Underhill of Brookline is also eagerly making new holiday plans. She lived in Germany for several years and has missed her loved ones there terribly. Her son is still studying there, and the family has been unable to meet his serious girlfriend.

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“Technology is wonderful and it makes so much better in so many ways because we can FaceTime and call and speak and I can see him,  can lay eyes on him but to meet her in person for the first time– that would be lovely,” said Underhill. “That’s the plan – to hopefully bring them both over in December.”

Juli McDonald