By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton is making it clear that he still has the same drive to succeed in the NFL as when he first entered the league. The former Patriots quarterback used a cat analogy in his latest workout video to get that point across.

Now he’s talking our language. Newton may be a rich man these days, but he says he is no fat cat. His drive to return to a high level of play in pro football has him feeling like an alley cat.

“I got a story I want to tell you,” Newton started his latest Instagram video. “Was talking to Pops, right? He asked me a simple question. He said, ‘Cam, do you still got it? You like that fat cat. You used to be an alley cat but now you’re like a fat cat, sitting in your mansion, sitting on your coin. I don’t think you want it like you used to want it.’

“I said say less,” said Newton before launching into another set of situps.

Newton certainly has a way with words — and fonts — and his latest workout vid continues to highlight his poetic way of explaining everything that is Cam Newton.

He remains unemployed as we hit Week 3 of the 2021 season, but this alley cat is still determined to find a feast somewhere on the football field. Staff