By Staff

MELROSE (CBS) – Melrose residents say they’re fed up with a rat problem, and they want city leaders to take action.

Residents tell WBZ-TV they reached out to the city’s board of health for help. They feel like the rats are taking over the neighborhood.

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The rodents have been caught on surveillance cameras, in people’s yards and homes, and even chewing through wires and damaging property.

Residents say it keeps getting worse they’re noticing the rat problem spreading to other neighborhoods.

A rat at a Melrose home. (Image Credit: Maria Berardi)

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One woman said her neighbor killed 48 rats in one month.

“(A surveillance camera) captured a rat crawling up and into my grill, I have video of rats at my door because it’s getting cold and they’re seeking shelter. My house is secure, but not everyone’s going to be so lucky,” Maria Berardi said.

There is a city council meeting planned for Monday night. Residents plan on attending.

WBZ-TV reached out to the Melrose mayor’s office about the rat problem, but we have not heard back.

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“We’re all doing our part as residents. We’re making sure there’s no water source, no food source, we’re picking up dog waste. But it’s time for the city to step up and also help us,” Berardi said. Staff