By Staff

AMHERST (CBS) – Sexual assault allegations led to a large protest outside a fraternity house at UMass Amherst.

Police said the Theta Chi fraternity called them for help when a crowd of about 300 people gathered in front of the fraternity house.

Students started showing up around noon Sunday after reports of an alleged sexual assault at a party Saturday night.

According to the student newspaper, the anonymous allegations surfaced on social media platforms.

Students told WBZ-TV’s sister station the protest began peacefully until some began throwing objects at the frat house.

“Today was a time for them to come out and protest and show that people should not stand for this and the university should take these allegations seriously,” UMass junior Mark Doherty said.

In a statement, the Amherst Police Department said in part “With limited resources at hand, the Amherst Police Department contacted the University of Massachusetts Police Department, the Hadley Police Department, and the Massachusetts State Police for mutual aid assistance.”

Police were able to disperse the crowd without incident. No arrests were made and right now no one is facing charges.

The investigation is ongoing. Staff