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BOSTON (CBS) — Mac Jones is as humble as they come. He’s almost robotic in his reactions, whether they come after he throws his first career touchdown pass or picks up his first win in the NFL.

The Patriots rookie quarterback did the latter on Sunday, helping New England notch a 25-6 victory over the New York Jets in New Jersey. Jones now has a W under his belt, but that was not the first thing on his mind following Sunday’s game.

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As always with Jones, he’s just looking to get better, which in turn will lead to a much better performance from the Patriots offense.

“It feels good. As everyone has been saying, it’s hard to win in the NFL,” Jones said after the victory. “We’ve played two games, won one and lost one, so you take it for what it’s worth. We’ll get better. Anyone who watched the game will agree that the offense can play better and we will. The defense did a great job creating the turnovers. We talk about it all the time — playing together and complementing one another.

“On offense, we feel blessed to win. But at the same time you have to take it for what it’s worth, move on and correct the things we need to work on,” Jones added.

The Patriots continue to go with a vanilla offense made up mostly of short check-down passes, but Jones was once again extremely accurate and efficient, going 22 for 30 while throwing for 186 yards against New York’s defense. He didn’t throw any touchdowns, but he also didn’t throw any interceptions. He even threw a block on an end-around by Kendrick Bourne, and also gave Damien Harris a little push as the running back completed his 26-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.

Jones, of course, did not want any accolades for that small assist on Harris’ run.

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“He did all the work,” Jones said of Harris. “It shouldn’t be about me.”

What Jones is willing to talk about are the few mistakes that he made during Sunday’s win. He once again panicked under pressure on one play, spiking the ball to avoid a hit. But that spike didn’t reach the line of scrimmage and Jones was assessed an intentional grounding penalty, leaving the Patriots to settle for a Nick Folk field goal.

Jones also fumbled while under pressure, which was recovered by New England fill-in lineman Yasir Durant, and the rookie was also only 3-for-8 on third down. The quarterback was sacked three times during the game, all of which came with the Patriots facing a third own.

“My ball security can improve. I’ve put the ball on the ground twice,” said Jones, harkening back to his Week 1 fumble against the Dolphins. “I’m going to get better at that.”

While Jones has made his share of mistakes, they haven’t sunk the Patriots, and he hasn’t made any gigantic ones, like his QB counterpart Zach Wilson did on Sunday with four interceptions against the defense.

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And as he’s made it clear over and over and over again since being drafted by New England in April, Jones is on a mission to get better each and every day, week and month. That certainly won’t end just because the quarterback has his first career win in the NFL. Staff