By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — For a rookie quarterback making an NFL debut, nothing should really feel comfortable. But Mac Jones was looking pretty at ease as he played a solid game for the Patriots on Sunday.

One such snapshot of that comfort came by way of WPRI in Providence, which caught a quick little wink from Jones. That communication appeared to be sent to someone on the Dolphins’ defense.

WPRI sports director Morey Hershgordon shared the clip on Twitter on Monday:

Jones was asked about the moment during his press conference on Wednesday afternoon, and he confirmed that he was indeed shooting a wink at someone on the defense.

“That was just kind of fun and games,” Jones said. “It was just in the middle of the play. They actually like called out our play. So I was like, ‘Ah, nice catch.’ But anyways, it was just fun and games.”

With Elandon Roberts at linebacker, Jason McCourty and Eric Rowe in the defensive backfield, Adam Butler on the D-line, and head coach Brian Flores on the sideline, the Dolphins obviously have quite a bit of institutional knowledge of the Patriots. An occasion where the defense can tell what play is coming, then, is to be expected from time to time.

In this particular instance, despite Miami shouting out the play, Jones stayed with the play that had been called.

“I just stuck to what I was supposed to do,” Jones said. “You know, sometimes, they don’t know the answers either. It was funny.” Staff