By Juli McDonald

MILLBURY (CBS) – At Blackstone Valley Cinema de Lux Sunday, a perfect plot twist played out on the big screen – a real life proposal!

“It was pretty amazing. She’s the person I want to be with for the rest of my life,” said Jonathan Holz.

Worcester animation artist Jonathan Holz worked with the Millbury theater to make his dream a reality.

Julie Deoliveira and Jonathan Holz (WBZ-TV)

“I always made her paintings and little illustrations for Valentine’s Day for example; Trying to make something a little bigger,” he explained.

Girlfriends of the bride-to-be had their work cut out for them getting her to the theater.

“I was like I don’t want to watch a movie. Can we go to the mall or something?” said Julie Deoliveira.

Jonathan Holz proposed to his girlfriend Julie Deoliveira at Blackstone Valley (Image credit Jonathan Holz)

Seated all around her in the dark theater, were the couple’s family and friends.

When Julie saw her name come up on the screen, she realized it was her love story playing for the audience.

“I just dropped the popcorn and I was like oh no it’s going to happen. It was super cute. Then I started to cry. It was amazing. I was like, ‘yeah just give me a kiss! Yes of course!” She recalled.

This unforgettable grand gesture, only the beginning of their happily ever after.

“Since I met her everything I do is to impress her and feel special. I don’t think there’s going to be a day of my life I don’t want to make her feel special,” he said.

A sweet preview of coming attractions.

Juli McDonald