By Lisa Gresci

NEEDHAM (CBS) — Needham’s Pollard Middle School participated in the National Moment of Silence on Friday to honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

But first, an announcement for everyone to hear behind the mic.

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First, it was 8th grader Brianna Sickmier.

“From all of the devastation, destruction, and sadness that took place on that Tuesday morning, the days deepest lesson lies in the countless tales of everyday citizens, risking their lives in an effort to save others.”

Then, it was 7th grader Mia Moreschi.

“My grandfather Bobby Papetti is a retired Needham firefighter, and I am very proud of everything he has done, as a firefighter for all of us in Needham.”

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Together, the students learned about the tragic events that took place 20 years ago, which was well before their time.

“It was one of the biggest terrorist attacks in America, and we can’t just forget that,” said Sickmier.

“It’s really powerful to hear about all the people who went back in and saved a bunch of lives, but it’s also powerful to hear from families who lost people because there’s so many,” said 8th grader Adah Rosen.

The entire school was reading the same book for the month of September called “The Red Bandanna”, which is a true story about firefighter Welles Crowther and the lives he saved.

“Saving other people was his priority because he was a firefighter as well,” Moreschi said.

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Throughout the day, each class will highlight the importance of remembering this day in different ways, including addressing why it will forever be a part of our nation’s history.

Lisa Gresci