By Staff

AUBURN, Maine (CBS) – A landlord in Maine got an 8-legged surprise when he realized his tenant moved out and left some of his pets behind. He found 19 tarantulas and a python inside an Auburn apartment.

The landlord immediately called animal control for help. All but four of the tarantulas were saved and doing well.

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A tarantula left behind in a Maine apartment. (WBZ-TV)

Animal rescuer Drew Desjardins said the spiders are not what they are made out to be in movies.

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“They show them as these indestructible creatures that you step on and they keep coming back for more. They jump people and attack and chase and run after. They don’t do any of that stuff,” Desjardins said. “They’re very shy. If I take this tarantula and drop it on the floor, it’s going to break like an egg and die.”

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All the recovered animals are illegal in Maine and will be relocated. Staff