By: Zinnia Maldonado, WBZ-TV Reporter

BOSTON (CBS) — The Red Sox return to Fenway Park on Friday, and if you plan on attending a game this Labor Day weekend, you can’t forget your mask.

Anyone looking to attend a Red Sox game, whether vaccinated or not, will now be required to wear a face covering in all indoor spaces at Fenway Park.

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“You have to enter with a mask, and then when you’re seated, you take it off. So what’s the big deal? I’d rather be healthy than sick,” said Jolanta Cardish of Florida.

These areas include team stores, restrooms, elevators, indoor clubs, restaurants, and suites.

Red Sox officials say the only exception to mask wearing is if you are eating or drinking.

“While we’re eating and drinking, we’ll not be wearing them. But otherwise, our game plan is to wear them because it’s a good idea even though we’re all vaccinated,” said Nathan Townsend.

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Recently, several Red Sox players did test positive for COVID-19. But no games have been canceled.

Fenway Park was operating at full capacity without required face covering since May, but are now falling in line with Boston’s citywide mask mandate.

And some heading to Friday’s game say they don’t mind.

“If it helps the community, and it helps my neighbors, I’m ok with wearing it. I’m indifferent about wearing one. I don’t think it harms you.  I don’t have a problem with it,” said Rachel Patel.

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And Red Sox officials are encouraging those who are not vaccinated to wear a mask at all times, whether indoors or outdoors.